Author Guidelines



 Articles of scientific and practical significance, which cover the results of original scientific studies and scientific innovations are published in the Journal of Social Research of the Social Research Center.

  1. The documents (articles, reviews, etc.) can be submitted in Azerbaijani, Russian and English in a hard copy form, on electronic media or via e-mail (;; agshin.mammadov76@
  2. The article shall be recommended for publication once it has received a positive feedback following the discussions at the relevant department (chair) of the scientific (higher education) institution. The author shall submit to the editorial office an extract from the minutes of the meeting of the Scientific Council.
  3. The article submitted to the editorial office shall be sent to two anonymous reviewers according to the author’s area of specialty. The articles of authors who received two positive feedbacks as a result of the review process will be published.
  4. The article shall be 8-12 pages (including pictures, tables, charts, appendices, list of reference, and summaries). Texts shall be printed in 12 pt. Times New Roman font with line spacing of 1.
  5. Each article shall include UDC (Universal Decimal Classification) indexes and keywords, (preferably DOİ (Digital Object Identifier ) and ORCİD İD). Keywords shall be provided in three languages (in which the articles and summaries are written) and consist of at least 6 words.
  6. The sources and bibliography used in the article shall be listed in sequentially numbered alphabetical order, following the body text, titled References, in their original languages (starting from Azerbaijani, then followed by Turkish, Russian, English, French, Arabic, etc.). The bibliographic description of the referenced source shall be based on the requirements of the “Cited Bibliography” section of the “Guidelines for Drafting Dissertations” of the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles re-porting to the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan (see:
  7. The reference list shall be followed by the summary of the article. The summary for articles in Azerbaijani shall be written first in English, then in Russian, and for articles in Russian, first in Azerbaijani and then in English. The title of the article, the author’s name and surname, the organization and the country he/she represents shall be provided at the beginning of each summary. Article summaries in different languages shall be identical and correspond to the content of the article.

The summary shall provide a brief description of the scientific conclusions reached by the author(s), the novelty and practical importance of the scientific work, etc. Summaries shall consist of 100-200 words.

The article shall be structured in the following order:

– UDC index

– Author’s name and surname

– Author’s place of work, position, academic degree and rank, country and

e-mail address

– Article title

– Keywords in the original language of the article

– Main body

– Reference list

– Summaries and keywords in other two languages in addition to the original

language of the article.

Articles that do not meet the requirements, have serious scientific or grammatical errors will not be published. Manuscripts submitted to the editorial office will not be returned. The editorial staff reserves the right to make editorial changes and reductions in articles.