Note from the Editor-in Chief

Dear readers!

The first issue of the journal “Social Research” for 2020 is presented to readers. The journal is founded and published by the Center for Social Research (STM).
The mission of the magazine is multifaceted. “Social Research” is primarily an academic-scientific, analytical scientific-research journal. It envisages the formation of an international platform for researchers from Azerbaijan and other countries to publish the results of their scientific views, positions and analyzes.
In this regard, the journal focuses on the integration of social research of local scientists, experts and specialists into the international scientific space, as well as the latest analysis of foreign authors in the context of social research in Azerbaijan.
The journal emphasizes the study of interdisciplinary problems, the coverage of new synthesis methods, which allows for the joint study of common problems in the social sciences and humanities.
In the short period of its existence, STM has managed to establish cooperation with many international partners. From this point of view, an international editorial board consisting of local and international scientists, represented by our partners, has been formed in the journal.
The topics of the materials to be published in the journal will cover a wide range of social sciences and humanities.
The main headings are devoted to the theory, methods and methodology of social research defined in the Charter of STM, issues of interaction between the state and society, social diagnostics
The magazine covers current social processes of modern society development – state-citizen relations, social reform strategy, socio-political, legal, socio-economic problems, global and regional processes related to military, cultural, national interests, as well as social work, science and education in the country. Among the main topics to be published are analyzes of ongoing processes, ethno-political, religious relations, demographic and environmental policy, youth policy, social aspects of personnel and public administration, social and political psychology, public opinion on the basis of sociological surveys, leading trends in society.
Relatively new areas of science – the most dynamically developing areas of socio-humanitarian research, including the analysis of social networks and modern information technology, science and technology research (STS (Science and Technology Studies), comparative (comparative) sociology) areas are also among the priorities.

Dear readers!
The target audience of our magazine is to cover researchers, scientists, experts and specialists who study the socio-humanitarian problems of modern society at the theoretical and empirical level, including local and global scale. At the same time, the analysis of the journal “Social Research” is equally addressed to the audience of government and public organizations, commercial structures working in sociological and information-analytical services. The magazine is also aimed at doctoral and postgraduate students of social and humanitarian profile, anyone interested in a wide range of social problems of development and activity of society, who want to benefit.
The journal is also an opportunity to be an open platform for discussing new ideas, approaches, and information in the field of social research. The editorial staff includes “Discussion-Controversy”, “Social journalism”, “Private view”, “Social communication” and others. considers the topical issues of training modern researchers and sociologists in Azerbaijan, comparable to the world, a priority.
The journal Social Research is open to any innovative ideas and suggestions in this area.
We hope that the journal “Social Research” will be able to gain the status of a practical mediator between experts and the general public in the revival and quality of scientific research in the social sciences and humanities.
On behalf of the Editorial Board of the journal, we invite research friends to cooperate and publish scientific articles in the journal.

Zahid ORUC
Chairman of the Board of the Center for Social Research,
Chairman of the International Editorial Board of the journal “Social Research”